Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Some more happy faces

You may remember me posting pictures of some of the recipients of my quilts back in January.  Wow, 6 months ago.  Well, since then I've made a number of quilts and given many of them away.  One of them in particular for a little red head named Georgia was a hugs and kisses design that I was very pleased with.  Well, here is a picture of Georgia enjoying her quilt.  What a wonderful bonus, to know that something I enjoyed making is giving someone else such joy.
And a few more.  Don't they look even better wrapped around a sweet baby?

And here's another favorite.  This is a 2nd cousin's grandson (not sure what relation that makes him).  He couldn't decide which side he wanted to play with most, so grandma just wrapped him up.
Thanks for smiling with me.


  1. Those are awesome photos!!!!!!! That sure give the quilts so much more reason for being to see those who they were made for.
    I am waiting for my Great niece or nephew to arrive any day now..............I will make the quilt once I know the gender. Yours are such an inspiration but I do not have the novelty stash you have so I just need to go with color and that is making gender a need to least for me to be able to move forward.

  2. It's also so heart-warming when we see our creations being loved by their recipients. Love work.

  3. Oh, I LOVE the one that looks like solid colored rickrack--#4 on the page! That's gorgeous! I know it's not crazy hard but the colors just jump! Lovely!