Monday, June 22, 2015

Andrews Road Quilt

I have to tell a story about my little 2nd cousin.  He loves cars.  Really really loves cars.  He's now 7, so he loves lots of things.  But when he was a toddler, cars were about the only things he wanted to play with.  Seems like he had a little car in each chubby fist at all times. I have a wonderful memory of my father with Andrew sitting on his lap.  Andrew kept hiding a hot wheels car under my dad's shirt, kind of a peek-a-boo game.  They were both grinning and giggling and having the very best time, 80 years apart in age.  It's one of the most wonderful memories I have of my dad.

It was because of Andrew's love of cars that I got the idea to make him an I spy quilt entirely with car fabrics.  I had made him a baby quilt when he was born but I really didn't like the quilt much and felt he needed a better one.  As it turned out, I had to include a few boats, planes, helicopters, and tractors too, so it's really a transportation quilt.  I had previously played around with a pattern that used zig-zagging sashing in rainbow colors with half square triangles.  The rainbow colors kind of got lost with all the various colors of the novelty fabrics and I had wanted to try the pattern again but with more contrast.  Aha, how about black and blue and make each alternate stripe a road. 
Andrew's road quilt

 I found the most amazing ribbon that looked just like road stripes to add to the black sashes.  And of course I needed something extra special on the corners so I dug out my old embroidery machine and made some stop signs.  I even found some road sign themed fleece for the backing.

 It was so fun giving this quilt to my little cousin.  He was so very excited and it was interesting to watch him share with his older twin brothers.  He was very patient and let them play with him on his quilt for about 30 minutes (a very long for a 2 year old) but finally he said, "Mine".  And pushed them away (without too much fuss).

Andrew still brings his road quilt when they come to stay the weekend with us and it makes me smile each time to see how special it is for him. One of my very favorite quilts.

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  1. Great story about a very special boy and his special quilt. Thanks for making me smile this morning. :-)