Saturday, June 6, 2015

Another fun color study

I recently had some serious fun at with their search by color feature.  Remember my moaning about not being able to find many purple novelty fabrics?  Aha, well they were very accommodating.  And while I was there I found some oranges and some reds. And greens and yellow.  Told you I had fun.
Isn't this crocodile with shades wonderful!
And llamas!

Anyway, with all this fun new fabric, I had to make a quilt.  Of course.  I went through my box of "ideas" to find one I hadn't tried yet and came across this one.  It was the inspiration for an earlier quilt but I had changed the diagonal stripes to horizontal because I didn't have enough purple to make a diagonal.  But now I did.
The layout uses my standard precut 4.5" squares, paired with a 4 patch.  To keep things simple I used one TOT for each coordinating color (faster than scrappy).  I do love 4 patches, they are very forgiving.  I think this is my new favorite pattern.  It was very easy and stress free.  I like the movement of the diagonal arrangement too.  And so colorful!  Look at the wonderful long stripe of purple!  It's so much fun picking from new fabrics and selecting the TOTs to coordinate.  Overall a very happy quilt and a good time putting it together.


  1. I came out really nice and the colors are so vibrant!!!! Is this the one that was on your machine when I visited?

  2. I can see how this could be a very addictive pattern to make. Thanks for sharing this clever idea with us. :-)

  3. Love this! Saved to my ideas! :)