Thursday, March 9, 2017

Some Extra Fun

I'm not sure why but I just realized I never posted this.  But it looks ready, so here goes.

Hearts and Jars - These are a couple of patterns that are obvious stars for novelty fabrics.  For a while there were Jar quilts everywhere and I kind of resisted following the pack.  But eventually I gave in and here is my version.  The patterns is easy and effective - but honestly a little boring to make, basically just a rectangular snowball.  But I had to do at least one.

Hearts - I originally saw this pattern at my first Houston Quilt Show but later they seemed to be every where too.  But they are such a great quilt for a little girl I have made several of them.  And I still have a big stack of large triangles left over from them.
Black  Sashed Hearts

Green Sashed Hearts
Pink Sashed Hearts


  1. The jar quilt is really nice........yep you did have to make one. The hearts are always popular. Is that the X-ray kitty fabric I see in several of those quilts! I remember you saying you ran out of it.

  2. I have stuff for a jar quilt I collected...I should make that. Easy n quick..LOL!

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