Saturday, February 7, 2015

It Always Happens

I've noticed something about myself.  I make a bunch of I Spy quilts, use up a good amount of fabric.  I'm so proud of myself, using my stash.  Look, the baskets are easier to put things away.  I don't have to push quite so hard to squeeze the fabric back in.  I tell myself what a good girl I am.

And then what happens?  I go shopping.  I don't ever seem to buy fabric and then start sewing.   It always seems to be the reverse.  I go on a sewing spree, and then a shopping spree.  Why?  I don't know exactly.   Maybe I'm excited because I'm sewing and having fun.  As I'm sewing I think gee wouldn't it be nice to have more orange or red fabric for the next quilt.  Or wow, I'm almost completely out of bananas or zebras, I can't run out of zebras!  Then I find myself in one (or more) of my lovely LQS's and see something I've not seen before.

It happened today.  Out running errands with my dear husband, on our way to Cabela's and he asks if I'd like to stop by a fabric store while we're out.  What a sweetheart.  Of course we are going to Cabela's for him.  Oh well, since we're in the area and I haven't stopped in for a couple of months, I'll take a look.  Seriously, I thought I'd just pop in, probably not see anything new and we'd be on our way.  Silly Silly Silly!

I found several oranges and reds, a couple of yellows.  And aren't those toucans just too cute.  I don't have any toucans in my stash.  Or I didn't.  And the ABC fabric will make a great (and appropriate) border.  I've got that snake fabric in red already but I really do want more oranges.  They add a great splash mixed in with all the blues and blacks.

I love the red cars and the balls.  Not sure how many kids will be able to identify darts, but that's ok.  Every quilt needs at least a couple of areas of red.

Did I mention I'm getting low on Zebras?  And cars.  Seriously I am getting very low on cars.  Love the small scale, they will work well in patterns where I need small scattered prints.  The rockets are great too.  R for Rockets.  The letter R is harder than you'd think.  Raccoons and Roosters are good, but I like the Rockets a lot.  And they are on yellow, definitely can use a few more yellow fabrics.
As I'm standing at the cutting counter, I turn around and see a southwestern themed display.  I've been looking for pistol fabric for years, ever since my husband wanted me to make a quilt for a friend from his air gun club.  And look there!  Pistols and rifles.  How about that?  And I live in Texas so everyone wants horses and cowboys.  Aren't those bucking broncos wonderful!  And I've never seen branding iron fabric!  And bonus, I've been looking for a 4.5" wide ruler and they had one of those too.  My frequent buyer card is all full!

As soon as we got home all the fabric went in the washing machine.  I've now cut a strip off the short end of each fabric using my brand new ruler and made 4.5" squares. They are filed away in my trusty Art Bin, the fabric folded and put in my wire baskets.  Baskets that are pretty full again.  Once again I've used a bunch of my novelty stash and then within an hour restocked completely.  Probably more than the 4 quilts that I've made in the past few weeks used up.  Ah well, I know they won't go to waste.  There will be more kids and more quilts down the road.  What a fun day.

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  1. Well if you are going to use fabric you have to have it. If you wait till you need it and go looking you will NEVER find what you want. A good stash to spark your creativity is vital.............JMOHO and yes the tucans are adorable!!!!!!