Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Few Happy Faces

Some of the focus of this blog has tended to be a little negative.  Partly I think because as I look back at some of the quilts made I am looking at them through the lenses of time and experience.  I see the things that could have been improved.  I'm thinking what I would do differently now that I'm definitely older and hopefully a better quilter.
But I have enjoyed making them all and enjoyed giving them away.  And really really enjoyed hearing about how much they are loved.  For the last several years when I give a quilt as a gift I've asked for a picture of the recipient with the quilt to put in my quilt scrapbook.  Many of the parents have obliged me.  As I've been looking through the pictures of the quilts, I've also been looking at these pictures of my quilts and their new owners.  And they make me smile.   A LOT!   Here are a few that I think will make you smile too.

What sweet little ones!  Hope you enjoyed.  I did.

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